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Boscovivo is a trademark created in 1982 by Mr. Alfredo Landucci & Mrs. Franca Bianchini. From the very beginning the main character was fresh truffle "the diamond of the kitchen".

The precious taste of truffle was soon accompanied by Porcino mushroom and other delicacies of the Tuscan and Italian kitchen and afterwards by a wide range of creams, condiments, meat tomato sauces, typical Tuscan dishes as "Ribollita", a soup with vegetables and bread, "Freschi & Pronti", a line of ready meals and so on.

The Landucci family with its great passion and care for the good cuisine has created a company where research, quality development and custom care are always its main target.

An important step for the development took place in 2005 with the patent of a a line of ready meals "Freschi e Pronti" as a result of a manufacturing process both home-produced and innovative.

25 Years of experience, dedication, passion, reliability and care for customer are some of the many reasons to choose Boscovivo.

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